Zen in the Art of Making a Website

Webdesign für Autistische Projekte/ ADHS-Projekte/ ADHD projects

Neurodiversity has many facets. One of them is undoubtedly the topic of creativity – I would not like to dismiss it. Another one – this one not really loved – is the topic of sensory overload. As my ADD triggers both, I can see it as a disadvantage, or as an advantage. Somehow it is my choice. 😉 I have learned to use the positive aspects, even of the parts I’m not too fond of that much. The sensory overload forces me to create simple designs.

The exciting thing is that in Western cultures, simple is often regarded as backward or primitive. That is stupid! for example, Zen art (just as an example) is known for its simplicity.

And: There is also a big movement of minimalistic design in the West.

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