This is a blog about neurodiversity, myself and other people who are not neurotypical. The blog deals with ADD/ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, high sensitivity and other things in that field. As I am a designer: There are also photos and designs from me.

It is not yet entirely clear where the blog will take me. Anyway, I’ll be surprised. ADD is sometimes really exciting when you know how to do it.

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As the name of the rubric might roughly suggest: This one is about design. 😉

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Anyone who seriously deals with a topic should avoid machines taking command. So also in photography. Anyone who has a digital camera knows it: You can actually put the camera on four wheels, send it out and use the time gained for a nap. The camera then shows you where you would have been if you hadn’t slept.

Analog is of course different. Analogue photography is still manual work. Or eye, mind, soul work, maybe. Fortunately, I am not neuro-typical and therefore not entirely “normal”. Therefore no digital camera comes into my house.

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