Gendern, PC and Wokeness

No, I do not gender; I think it is much more urgent to immediately close the gender pay gap than tinker with the language. Bending language is pretty straightforward. But rather than tinkering with the language, we should look at the real stuff: The sacred cow in capitalism, aka money. Suddenly it becomes complicated…

Women currently have to wait 135.6 years to earn as much as men for the same work. -b3d5-587eccda6023

In addition: Reverse language excludes many people. This article in the TAZ explains the problem in detail: as an exclusion criterion /! 5782080 / Unfortunately it is only available in German.

I am also politically incorrect and certainly not woke. Sorry, my interest in fashion of any kind is limited. I do not want to offend anybody, but covering problems with layers of nice colours does not resolve them. But we should try to solve them instead of prettifying them. In contrast to prettiness, solving is difficult, exhausting and requires depth, knowledge and honesty. And that is what I stand for.