A blog about neurodiversity – what’s the point?

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After I started my project with the blog “Stranger than Paradise”, I came more and more often thoughts, whether that would actually make sense, or why I do that at all. My basic problem in life is that I’m great at thinking up projects, which can then fail in reality (aka ADS 😉 ). Alright. Here are my thoughts, which also serve a little to come clean with myself and the project. So why am I doing all this?

  1. The basis of the whole thing is that I like to talk to people about serious things. Now, I am not at all the typical party-goer who casually and unasked drops off an exciting mix of soccer, politics and weather. I tend to do in-depth analyses. Some thoughts are life projects. Others only last a few years. But anyway. None of them is suitable for parties. On the other hand, serious topics suit me very well—for example, the topic of neurodiversity. But I also like to give a lecture about C.G. Jung and his relationship to quantum physics. Soccer – on the other hand – is unfortunately not my prefered topic. Although then my life would probably be easier.
  2. Further, I actually want to learn to understand my personal situation. I have discovered ADD and Asperger’s at the age of more or less 50 years. Before, I always just wondered about myself. Now I want to learn more about myself and everything around neurodiversity. This goes quite well with a blog.
  3. In addition, it is also about politics. Maybe less about party politics, but about social policy. I am firmly convinced that our intellectual, industrial and social monoculture needs significantly more diversification. That has to be organised somehow, and a blog is quite suitable for that, too. On the other hand, the hype around the topic of diversification also annoys me extraordinarily. Sometimes you get the impression that you have to be a non-binary black transwoman to be noticed at all. It might be simpler to take people as they are and not ask for it in a big way…
  4. And last but not least, As a designer and photographer, I simply have the goal to meet customers who fit me. After all, I am a complete zero as a marketing manager of my one-person company. Typical Aspie, I tell every potential customer the truth bluntly in the face and always wonder why others with their super stupid advertising talk have much success.
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So let’s see where this blog takes me. Strategic planning, meeting quarterly goals and realising visions, that’s not so much my gift. But it’s OK. I’ll let myself be surprised then.

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