Anyone who seriously deals with a topic should avoid machines taking command. So also in photography. Anyone who has a digital camera knows it: You can actually put the camera on four wheels, send it out and use the time gained for a nap. The camera then shows you where you would have been if you hadn’t slept.

Analog is of course different. Analogue photography is still manual work. Or eye, mind, soul work, maybe. Fortunately, I am not neuro-typical and therefore not entirely “normal”. Therefore no digital camera comes into my house.

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First designs: postcards

Now he’s finally history: Donald Trump. Let’s hope he never comes back! Only from a humorous point of view, we will miss him. In 2017 or 2018, I created some postcards where I picked up on his favourite topic of coal. Coal – a really modern technology …;) The postcards are free to download here. If you want, you can download them, print them out or have them printed as “real” postcards in DIN-A6 format (15cm x 10cm, 300dpi) in a print shop. However, removing the copyright notice is not permitted.

About me, explanations and other important things

No, I’m not neurotypical. I have noticed all my life that “something” is not the way it might / could be with me. It was only through the web that I found sufficient information about ADHD, high sensitivity, autism and other related areas. This blog is about these topics, and in this post, I list some of the important things to me.

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