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No, I’m not neurotypical. I have noticed all my life that “something” is not the way it might / could be with me. It was only through the web that I found sufficient information about ADHD, high sensitivity, autism and other related areas. This blog is about these topics, and in this post, I list some of the important things to me.

  1. Then further: Yes. Jim Jarmusch, of course. Stranger than Paradise. I just wanted to mention it to be on the safe side. The movie is somehow neurodiverse if a movie can be neurodiverse. The action is actually not an action at all. Rather an absurd sequence of strange situations. Pretty much like in my life. I love this movie. and I love my neurodiverse life. At least somehow.

  2. I do not see Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD and related issues as illnesses, but rather as a speciality. It depends on how unfavourable the symptoms affect a certain life situation and how much the unfavourable aspects make life difficult. For some life plans e. g. Asperger’s can be even useful, said Hans Asperger himself. Yes, it can be a bit exhausting at times. Life with these peculiarities is exciting. It’s different from the life that many people have. Some things are more in focus, others much less. I wouldn’t say I like it any other than the way it is.

  3. I am very interested in all topics related to neuro (un) typical life, but I’m not particularly eager to write too much about myself. I’m not that important either. 😉 I would rather like to post the results of my work here. So designs and photographs.

    Another focus is on texts about autism, ADHD, HSP, etc. There seem to be huge errors in how society treats those topics, and I would like to help to reinforce these errors.

  4. It is essential to me that the image of neurountypical persons is distorted. But if you want to deal with that topic, there is no ready-made solution. Of course, it is easier to use stereotypes. Still, if you want to understand what is going on, you have to look carefully at each case and check it individually. Both ADHD and highly functional autism have advantages and disadvantages over average nervous systems. After all, not all people are 180cm tall.

  5. Neurotypical? Is that normal? It depends on what you need it for. For example, Mozart (presumably ADHD), as an official at the imperial court in Vienna, would have failed. He didn’t even last long as a court composer. Also. What is neurotypical? The man in the picture below? Is it actually normal?

    Portrait: Einstein was also neurodivers?
  6. Oh, and finally: No, I have not been officially tested and have no findings in any direction. I am responsible for myself and can make ends meet without an official paper, even if it is usually not easy. I know that I am not “normal”, that should be enough. Also, I’m not sure about the quality of most diagnoses.

    Read this, and you might understand why. Here is one of the many examples on the topic of Autism diagnoses:
    So I guess I am somewhat lucky and got the diagnosis (all be it a shot in the dark on the part of the doctor) of what was then called Asperger’s disorder when I was 14 or 15 memory’s a bit fuzzy right now. Fast-forward a couple of years, and a new doctor says the first was a quack, fast forward six months, and I’m put in the nut ward for suicidal ideations and the psych ward doctor said I don’t have it. I go back home to find the label’s been changed to autism. fast forward a few years and new therapist no mention of autism or aspergers. I exit the school system and new therapist Aspergers returns. get hospitalized numerous times and on-off with the diagnosis along with other labels. If I broke my arm, no matter how many doctors I saw, they’d all come back with a “broken arm” based on an X-ray. Fast forward to now (post-DSM-5), and I meet the criteria for autism by my understanding of words on the page, reviewing my history, taking the naysayers with a grain of salt and doing an online screening tool just for fun, so I have another data point to work off of.
    Source: https://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=353312

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